Our Services

Professional Management Services: How can we help your community?

Managing a community can be both demanding and rewarding. The great characteristics of a community - - parks, marinas, and recreational facilities - - require much attention and time to monitor and maintain. Most homeowners already have responsibilities like work and family in addition to caring for their own home. It's easy to see why communities can use the assistance of a professional management company. We offer a multitude of services to make living in a community a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Management Services

  • Working directly for and with your Board of Directors
  • Listening to the concerns of your membership
  • Coordinating and implementing the Board's directives
  • Working with other industry professionals; for example - Attorneys, CPA'S, Engineers and Architects and others to provide assistance to your community
  • Provide 24 hour telephone and emergency service
  • Provide a resource pool for all homeowner inquiries
  • Work with and provide assistance to Association Committees such as Architectural Review, Landscaping and Grounds, Audit & Budget, etc.
  • Keeping the landscape maintenance at its best through oversight of the contract, routine communication with the contractors, and coordination of the bidding
  • Inspect the community regularly for CC&R violations, correspond with all CC&R violators until the issue is successfully resolved
  • Providing full reports of all Association activity to the Board of Directors monthly
  • Attending Board and Committee meetings as requested/required under our contract
  • Locating and maintaining insurance service for the Association at all times
  • Dealing with all regulatory agencies on behalf of the Association

Financial Services

  • Provide accurate and reliable accounting of your billings, receivables and payables
  • Work with CPA'S to coordinate corporate tax returns and audits
  • Collect maintenance fees and enforce collection policies on delinquent owners; working with attorney's on legal matters relating to collections
  • Prepare monthly financial reporting package
  • Prepare bank reconciliations
  • Provide responses to real estate closing agent's estoppel requests
  • Process accounts payables, and prepare vendor checks
  • Provide ad-hoc reports to support Board needs

Maintenance Services

  • Beautify and maintain the common areas of your community
  • Coordinate with outside tradesmen with the purpose of completing projects
  • Requisition equipment and supplies and maintain inventories
  • Respond to work orders and homeowner requests
  • Provide a daily work schedule and work order priorities
  • Provide housekeeping and light general maintenance duties to ensure community standards are upheld

Facilities Maintenance

We have managed Condominium & Homeowners’ Associations for 20 years. Through proactive planning and budgeting, we have facilitated the maintenance and refurbishment of communities as they have aged. We will customize an Asset Management Plan to accurately chart and monitor the maintenance obligations for all of your buildings, common area grounds, and equipment. Our breadth of experience with facilities maintenance has allowed us to develop the expertise to provide solutions to any unique maintenance concern. Our team provides the expertise to modernize aging facilities, properly maintain or improve new facilities, and reduce maintenance costs.

Comprehensive Contractor Coordination and Monitoring

  • We design bid specifications, prepare RFPs (Request for Proposal) solicit bids, prepare bid evaluation spreadsheets and assist in contract negotiations. (Including those projects that require permitting, engineering, or other licensed professionals.)
  • Keystone’s Management Team monitors your associations’ annual contracts regularly ensuring proper insurance exists, and that termination notice is given, if needed, in accordance with their contract. We will ensure that the contract defines the board’s expected scope of work, and monitor the performance of the contract based upon an agreed upon checklist of services.
  • Ensure property improvement and other construction related projects are completed on time and within budget by effectively participating in the administration and oversight of all construction projects from start to finish.
  • Report the status of any projects underway or completed in a monthly report for the board.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Keystone will provide preventative maintenance planning and will make preventative maintenance recommendations to the Board of Directors.