Helpful Hints to Close Your Unit for an Extended Period of Time

For those residents that are leaving their unit for an extended period of time, we offer the following suggestions to "close" your unit. You will reduce the risk of leaks and other disasters while you are away if you follow the helpful hints listed below.

  • Do not drain your water lines when leaving. If you shut off the main water valve, you minimize the chance of water damage to your unit.
  • Shut off the water valves and both washing machine valves. These are usually found in your utility room, on the wall, near the water heater. Ask your maintenance person if you are unable to locate.
  • Toilet bowl. Add about ¼ cup of chlorine bleach then cover the toilet bowl with plastic wrap. The covered bowl will stay much cleaner and full for months.
  • Kitchen sink disposal. Pour ⅛ cup of lemon or lime juice down your disposal, followed by ¼ cup of vegetable oil. Turn on the disposal for a few seconds. Next add another cup of vegetable oil. The oil lubricates and drives out the water while the citric acid from the juice will kill most bacteria.
  • Turn off the electrical circuit breaker on your hot water heater. Do not turn off the air conditioning circuits. Other electrical circuit breakers may be left on as well.
  • Please remember to clean out your refrigerator and freezer of all perishable items before you leave.
  • Before the beginning of the warm weather season, it is suggested that you have your air conditioning system checked by a licensed air conditioning person. An adequately charged and lubricated system will save many moisture and mildew problems in the future.
  • By changing your air conditioning filter at the beginning of each season; your air conditioning unit will operate more efficiently.
  • Set your air conditioning thermostat and humidistat to your liking before you leave. We recommend that you write down your setting and place it on or by the thermostat.
  • Please remove all movable furniture, potted plants, etc. from your porch and/or balcony.
  • Please complete the "Vacation/Out of Town" form and return to Keystone Property Management Group so we can reach you in the event of an emergency.
  • It is imperative that the Association have an access code and key to your unit in case of an emergency.