The Community Care Solution

The Community Care Solution™ has been developed to offer participating communities new ways to communicate and collaborate more effectively with its membership and management.

Six "Keys" to Successful Management!

  • The Association Profiler™
  • The Community Snapshot
  • The Goals Navigator
  • The Community Action Plan
  • The Continuing Care System
  • The Future Vision Solution

The Association Profiler™ - Helps to evaluate and determine if you are an association that will get the most value from a more personalized relationship with our management company

The Community Snapshot™ - A process that revolves around your organization and developing an understanding of your community's current structure

The Goals Navigator - Develops a thorough understanding of where your community is going and what your specific goals are

The Community Action Plan™ - Coordinates and aligns your community's financial, administrative, maintenance and personnel goals

The Continuing Care System
- Provides ongoing care and attention to your property and communication with your Board members to ensure the accomplishment of your goals and objectives

The Future Vision Solution- Annual review of your association's budget, infrastructure and administration with the ultimate goal of enhancing your member's satisfaction with the performance of the Board and Management

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